As the city grows industrialization starts to increase during the 1900s and transportation becomes a necessity for the city. The importance of transportation in a city is important because it enables us to connect and unite with one another. Bridges and railroads are important to the infrastructure of a city because without them we can’t move to other places neither interact with other neighborhoods or boroughs. Bridges and railroads make our lives easier to move from one place to another. Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station are a reflection of the importance of transportation in a city.

Grand Central Terminal is a railroad terminus of the Metro-North railroad with a massive structure and incredible pain arts inside the building. It also features different types of shops and a connection to the MTA Subway. While Penn Station is the main railroad station and busiest station in New York city connecting New York to different cities. For a city to develop to its full potential transportation is inevitable which Grand Central Terminal and Penn station play a big role in it because it not only transport people it also brings people in. Even though both differ in design, scale, and structure both serve as a method of transportation for the city which at the time these were built they bring a new structure to the city development.