The Brooklyn Bridge marks a new era for the structure and view of New York City creating a new architecture style of tall buildings with new technology marking a whole new beginning for the city. New York City structure now was composed with a variety of different building styles. Which we can still see and differentiate the different architectural styles in the lower Manhattan. Some of the historical buildings that preserved a different culture and era are The Federal Hall Building, Trinity Church, St Paul chapel, Equitable building, and Woolworth Building.

As I walk through Wall Street, I noticed that the Federal Hall building and the St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church stand up because of their exterior structure and scale among others. The federal Hall building counts with a massive structure and columns at the facade of the building and its unique long stairs at the entrance of the building. This building is noticeable because is different among other buildings which gives a different experience of the other tall buildings filled with glass. While the St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church can be seen from the entrance of the federal hall building with its incredible triangular shapes, details sculptures and color. These two buildings are not tall but they are noticeable because of their different design and atmosphere projection they project. Also, while I was contemplating the view of these buildings I noticed that the space of the streets is wide open not close to each other, which gives you space to enjoy the view. In this area, we can experience the change of era from old architecture and new architecture in which some of the buildings are combined from both architecture styles new and old.

On the other hand, we have the Woolworth Building which was characterized during the 1900s the tallest building in the world, with a massive structure, details sculpture and triangular shapes at the top of each composition and its triangular tower. This building seems to be built following the old architecture style because each level or composition from bottom to top is overlapping one each other which makes sense at that time to used that kind of technique. while the Equitable building was the largest office building in the world by floor area reinforced from the bottom with this massive structure and then it follows a continuity of flat floor levels which at the top again it is filled with details sculpture making the building to stand. Both buildings are built to create more space in the city and create more room for people because of the rapid industrialization of the city during the 1900s. Yet the new buildings were taking the same style but implementing new elements to it, in this case, nature and more space around the buildings where people can relax and enjoy the view of the city.

In conclusion, The Brooklyn Bridge had a great impact on architecture that defined the view and structure of New York City implementing and creating new architectural styles to the buildings.