The Frick Collection Museum is one of the oldest houses built in the 1900s which later pass to become a museum and a treasure of New York City. The Frick museum stands up because of its incredible massive structure and gardens around it. While the Guggenheim Museum attracts your attention from the outside because of its unique design among other buildings around it.


The Frick Museum experience was unique. Yet it has an incredible view from the outside but when it comes to the interior of the building is totally different, the atmosphere you feel inside the building is unique once you put a step inside the building it makes you feel you are in a different era or place because of the objects, details and light in the interior that the building offers. The interior is full of paints and sculptures and a fountain in the center of the building filled with water, flowers, and columns around it with a big window on top of it, which is one of my favorite view from the museum. Also, I notice that each gallery was different some of them were filled with paints and other with objects of the 1900s with big mirrors and each gallery gives you a different experience. While I was moving inside the building, I got the sensation to get lost and not found my way out because the building is so big that for a moment, I felt I was in a maze. The feeling you experience inside these walls is power, safeness, and enjoyment.


On the other hand, we have the Guggenheim Museum with a spiral design and its unique ramp gallery. The first thing you notice in the interior of the building are the spiral structures and a big window at the top of the building which is a circular figure representing the end of the building. The ground level is an open space where you can see the whole interior in the building and enjoy the view of the spiral design that this building offers. its unique ramp gallery gives you a unique experience to contemplate different views of the building as you go up and at the same time see people around the gallery because it’s circular shape.


Both buildings are used to be museums but the differences of each building are noticeable. The Frick Collection museum was built to be a house from the beginning while the Guggenheim Museum was built to be a museum. The Frick museum spaces and design works to be a house while the Guggenheim Museum design doesn’t. While I was in the Frick Museum, I had the feeling to be in a house a big house.