This short writing is about my recent visit to central park located in Manhattan . The first paragraph is focus on the design of the park and why they decide to built it. The second paragraph introduce some attractions and landscapes of the park.


In the 18th and 19th century, when the first leaders started to create New york city’s grid , a mass of people moved in, and the city nearly quadrupled in population. As the city expanded people (mostly the wealthy) were drawn to the few building existing in upper Manhattan to escape to noisy and chaotic vibe in lower Manhattan. At that time, the wealthy were already enjoying high life but they publicly asked to built a huge park in the city. It was only beneficial for them because a construction of a park in the upper Manhattan was going to increase property values and building owners can make a lot of money out of it. So the leaders organized a design competition to come with a plan for the park, and Calvert Vaux (architect, landscape designer) and Frederick law Olmsted won the competition with a plan titled “Greensward plan”.


Central park have many different attractions and the landscape are pretty amazing from what I saw during my visit. For example The “sheep Meadow” is located near the southwestern section of the park. It’s a huge area covered with grass opened to the public, It was originally design as a parade ground, now they used it for big scale events and people gathered to do many different activities. Also there’s the”Central park Mall” the Central park mall is a long, open area where people can walk peacefully surrounding by nature. It was also design so that a carriage could pick people up then drove them around overlooking” Bethesda menace” and the lake.


In other word it was an unforgettable experience visiting the heart and soul of Manhattan. Creating such a place where people could connect with nature and to themselves it’s pretty amazing compare to a life among concrete 24/7. This Urban oasis is full of thing you can do rather if you are interested in taking a stroll or go kicking etc. The park has so much to offer, but only if you know where to look.