Visiting Washington Square Park and Greenwich village through SoHo, I realize the difference between the early 1900s architecture style and the new architectural style. The difference is huge the ambient is different from the city, while I was walking through the place, I felt that I was in a different era from the 1900s because of the way the buildings are designed and built, the variety of colors and similarities of the buildings with stairs at the front and more importantly lower levels buildings.  I was amazed by the view this place has to offer.


At the entrance of Washington Square Park, the first noticeable thing is the Washington arch and the large fountain at the center which are the two main attractions of this place. People from different parts of the city come to this place to take pictures and film videos or do shows at the arch and enjoy the view. Buildings surrounded by the park conserve the Greek style and Italian style of the 1900s with a massive cast-iron structure that gives a unique design to the buildings. Also, as I walked to SoHo, I notice that the streets were smaller closer to each other and not straight making them difficult to walk.


Greenwich village reflects and represents the old architecture style, for example, lower levels of buildings, big entrances and doors, big streets with a unique style and architectural details at the front of each building.  This place has historic buildings from the 1900s where visitors can experience and feel how it was at that time and gives a sense of how people lived in the past.