With the rapid industrialization and progressive improvements of New York in the 1800s, society pushes for a plan to create landscape spaces, walking paths that connect different sides of the city, and more importantly a place where people can enjoy.

In 1850 a movement start to take place to create a park that will allow to connect different parts of the city between east, west, south and north, to create more open spaces with better air condition, a playground where kids and people can enjoy and relax. In 1855 this project was approved by the state, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux project were selected out of others’ designs to create a park that will mainly know past to be a masterpiece of landscape architecture nowadays.

Central Park design varies in different architectural styles such as English style and gothic style among others. At the entrance and sides of the park, we can see directly to the inside of the park which is not covered by big walls or arcs around it. Nature is one of the features that bring life to the park among the city skyscrapers. Lakes at this park is one of the features that this park brings to visitors to view and relax. Another feature is the roads of this park allowing to connect different sides and neighborhoods of the city. With the construction of this park, it increases the cost of land where rich people only can afford.

In a city filled with tall buildings, central park gave a different feeling to people where they can disconnect from the city and enjoy the nature that the park brings. Central Park connects neighborhoods around the city creating an open society where people can interact with each other and kids can enjoy and play.