This short whiting is focused on the condition of living in New York City and the development of buildings over the course of time. The first paragraph introduce the situation of mass immigrants coming to the city of of New York. The second paragraph introduce the law against building poorly made which occur in the 19th and 20th century.


Over the course of time, hundred of thousand of immigrants moved to New York City, most of them didn’t have any money or peers already living in to stay with. So they moved into poverty stricken neighborhoods and into neglected buildings know as tenements. The tenements were small in size and most of them didn’t have any windows. Some families even work in there apartments, like sewing clothes or rolling cigars, the atmosphere was suffocating for most of them. Personal hygiene became an issue because of the lack of running water; garbage that piled up in the buildings and on the streets. It was difficult for them to even take a bath properly and dry their clothing. This triggered the spread of disease such as cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid etc.


The leaders in the 19th century began to comprehend the degree of terrible living condition of the working-class poor and the immigrants in New york city. At that time the tenement buildings were usually made of brick and built side by side on narrow streets. Most of them had multiple apartments with one window or two at best, sometimes none. So they gather in formed a tenement house act in 1867 to get ride of bad buildings construction with no ventilation and no windows. The tenement law demanded for all new buildings to have outward-facing windows, indoor bathroom, proper ventilation, and fire safeguard. The law also required for all new tenement to use dumbbell design which by the way wasn’t even that great. Over time they come up with new design to solve the problem in hand.