During the late eighteen hundreds one major thing happened to manhattan was a population boom. Millions of people migrated from different parts of the world and started coming to manhattan to settle down here. The landlords in manhattan saw this as something where they can make a profit from this situation which they did but at the same time this had a negative effect on the incoming immigrants moving in. This situation led to the introduction of housing and the negative parts of that which was bad living conditions.

As people started coming in and moving into manhattan the landlords took advantage of this situation and made lot’s of profit from this situation. At the time many landlords who had the money or resources would profit from this situation by buying lots of properties to build buildings on these properties. Once the buildings were build the owner/landlord would try to fit as many families as they can in the building even as to going as far as having some families living in the basement/cellar of the buildings. The owner/landlords would due this to max out the use of the entire building only to gain more money from this situation.

Two negative points from this situation was having multiple families lived cramped up in a building is 1. Living conditions and 2. If a sickness would break out almost everyone in the building will get sick. The living conditions in those buildings were so bad they had poor plumbing. All the tenants living in the building would have to share one single family bathroom. All the buildings were build so close to each other that they had no nature light to come in with no good air follow. If a sickness would break out within a family living in that building almost everyone living in that building would get sick and people living in the surroundings building would get sick too that would be consider “The Lung Block”.

As the time passed on all these bad living conditions had improved. New building code laws were developed to improve living conditions as well as to have windows in all the rooms with access to nature light and good air flow.