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  1. Folkwong Library 12The building looks completely separated with public.
  2. A Quieter Room3On the contrary above, this library has huge frame window, surrounded by tall trees, so that keep privacy inside the library,  not exposed to public.
  3. Hyundai Card Travel Library / Wonderwall


Assignment K- Reflection

After the final presentation of project 2, the feed back received has helped me. I was told to go back and correct my section cute using the correct line types, show the relationship of my climate through the site, have my floor plans shown, and replace the previous diagrams with the selected parti diagrams. Also one thing I did add was my stairs to show the circulation of how the space is being utilized and to show how you can get to one level of a house if standing a different level. The stairs that were developed are spiral stairs. To develop the stairs I had to go through a small process that involved mathematics to find the correct dimensions as each step gradually wider at the ends. To top it off I am going to create a model to scale showing the actual spaced and therefor the model will be contained into 4 removable parts allowing the viewer to see what it looks like inside and the function.