Library Research


Livraria de Vila by Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto

  • Having the opening in the middle is a great asset to have in a library providing a center vocal view. By the look of this images the space seems to be meant more for kids in the level shown and the above floor meant more for adults. Having the bookshelves attached to the wall give this library a great aspect of the use of space.


Culture House Eemhuis / Neutelings Riedijk Architects

  • The intriguing part of this image was how the architect formed the staircases with each floor and connected them together as one union. Also having the ability to see the interior spaces from a distance is great when coming up to the staircase. Accompanied along with the different numbers on each level signifying different categories/sections.


Law Library Iowa

  • What caught my attention in this image was that each floor wasn’t a solid floor, what I mean by that is that instead of closing off each floor with a solid plane the architect did many mezzanines to show more of a visual design when approaching the library.



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