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Reading #4Structural units

In this reading Ching talks about structural units ,Structural spans, structural patterns and lateral stability. Ching states that with the principal structural elements of columns, beams, slab and load bearing wall, it is possible to form and elementary structural unit capable of defining and enclosing a volume of space for habitation. Horizontal spans consist of grinders, beams, and joints. The vertical support for a structural unit are supported by load bearing. Structural spans is the capability of horizontal elements determines the spacing of their vertical supports. Structural patterns is the arrangement of principal vertical supports that establishes the possibilities for the ordering of spaces and functions in a building. Lateral stability is important because a structure must be sized, configured, and joined to form a stable structure under any possible load conditions. 

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  1. J A Montgomery


    Excellent summary. Check for a few minor grammatical errors, but otherwise a strong summary. You do a good job of touching each topic and explaining the key definition/concept of that topic.

    Prof. Montgomery

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