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Stair and Egress Summary #1 — Classic Editor

The main concept you should keep in mind is to take an account of the body movement while building a staircase. The whole movement of the steepness and pitch. Exterior and interior stairs have lot’s indifference. You have to keep tracks of the treads and risers. That will get tricky at times. The width and the height should be the same or else it’s dangerous. The exit is the path or passageway leading to an exit should be as direct as possible, be unobstructed by projections such as open doors, and be well lit. The red EXIT sign is a universal sign for an emergency path out.  

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  1. J A Montgomery


    Your summary has some unclear statements such as “The width and the height should be the same or else it’s dangerous.” This is misleading. If you read Ching, he tells us from the top to the bottom, the stair’s riser heights and tread depths cannot vary more than a small tolerance to ensure the stairs are safe and comfortable. Please refer directly to the text book to demonstrate your comprehension of the material, and to apply the technical concepts and vocabulary in your writing.

    Prof. Montgomery

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