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When we construct structures, we should think about gravity, gravity makes objects fall, we should likewise think about Newton’s third law of movement – for each power following up on the body, the body applies the contrary size on indistinguishable line of activity from the first Power, this fundamentally discloses to us that when we manufacture a building, we should strike a harmony between power. Basic components must pursue the premise of these standards. Basic power is any impact that causes changes in the shape or development of the body. Structures like Coulms help bolster the heaviness of items above it. We should realize that these articles are solid, so they are not squashed or twisted by their own weight. The bars must be sufficient so they don’t fall into the heap (bowing worry) above them, and the curves should likewise have the capacity to help them. The quality and capacity to scatter gravity so they are not obliterated independently.

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  1. J A Montgomery


    Please be sure to use the same vocabulary as Ching does in the reading. You refer to power, but I believe you mean force. Instead of sentences like this: “Structures like Coulms (sic) help bolster the heaviness of items above it.” you could say columns are vertical structural elements that are designed to carry axial compressive loads from the structure above.

    I need to be able to see the link between the reading text and your summary. Your writing above is so general that it is hard to make this link.

    Prof. Montgomery

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