Montgomery | Spring 2023

Revised Final Reflection

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Throughout the semester we discussed the importance of reading as a key mode of learning outside of the classroom. We discussed the advantages of note taking, summarizing, paraphrasing, sketching, and concept mapping as active reading strategies as well as helping you analysize and process the key concepts. How effective was this to you this semester? How will you carry forward any of these strategies into your courses next semester?


  1. Alexis Cisneros

    The note taking strategies that I have learned have been beneficial to me because they helped me to understand what is important to note down and what isn’t. I will attempt to use what I learn in future classes when it is required.

  2. Abdul-baset

    Abdulbaset Elfgeeh.

    The active reading strategies we discussed, such as note-taking, summarizing, paraphrasing, drawing, and concept mapping, were useful for analyzing and addressing key concepts. They helped me understand the material better this semester. I plan to continue using these strategies in my next courses next semester as they have proven to be very effective in enhancing my learning and understanding of the subject matter.

  3. Lesly Martinez

    Lesly Martinez

    active reading strategies where effective by understanding the meaning behind chings understanding of each material or measurements and why everything made sense . Not only do we have to understand the material but it’s also a matter of science that goes behind anything that’s being constructed. I will be bringing this for the future because not only did note taking made me understand the use of each different material but it also teaches me a visual way on how it’s done and what’s wrong if it isn’t done the correct way . It also has help me develop a better way to take efficient note taking and this will help me for my next semester by knowing the correct way to understand the readings and how to break them down to have a deeper understanding

  4. mariela

    Personally, I am not someone who likes to read a lot, so seeing texts that summarize information and use images that point out important concepts instead of long paragraphs helps me a lot to concentrate on reading instead of getting bored in the process. Taking notes using these resources was very helpful for me because I was able to understand the information faster with key words and important information. The most effective thing for me was to make the notes how I would like see them in a class because in this way I learn and understood at the same time. Later I used this knowledge acquired in the drawings to get practice. I think that reading and understanding before drawing helps to make your drawings more fluent and of better quality. For the next semester I will try to continue with these acquired strategies because it helps me to memorize the information and be able to return to it if at any time I have doubts.

  5. Anthony

    These active reading strategies were very effective in helping me breakdown the readings and analyze them in a more organized and understandable manner. It was much easier to break the text down and take out the important key points in the text. Sketching the diagrams helped me practice and understand liveweights and as well helped me to be neat and organized. I will use these active reading skills not only on readings but as well use them in my future design classes and also keep on practicing as it overall improved my drawing skills and note taking skills.

  6. Abigail

    It was somewhat effective because I wasn’t interested in everything I read. The way I took notes allowed for me to retain information though. In my next courses, i’ll attempt to apply this new skill when reviewing certain info.

  7. Aurora Hidalgo

    (Aurora Hidalgo)

    The strategies we discussed into the class regarding notetaking were oriented to help us digest the content in a clear manner that was easier to retain. With self made organizers and summarizations of the readings we were able to get through Ching’s readings with a better understanding of the information. I believe note taking was effective for me through out the semester, although I was and am actively not the best at making diagrams for myself. I do believe I’ll continue to annotate future texts into my own words to process the information I read.

  8. Bosa

    The readings from Ching this semester, was helpful because I and many architects could learn from his readings because he was very clear and went in detail with most of his readings about the topic which helps you understand it more also but us paraphrasing it even more helpful because you will even understand it more coming from your perspective

  9. luciano mateos

    The process of note-taking can appear to be a big hill to overcome but the profit of actually committing and understanding parts of architecture that you wouldn’t even consider is what makes the notes worth it. Ching makes it generously easy to understand such complexed parts of architecture, and with the task to write down, sketch, and diagram, the information becomes stapled in our brain. I plan to continue using these skills in the future to further help me with any readings. And I gladly will continue to recommend it to others as well.

  10. luciano mateos

    The process of note-taking may seem like a hard hill to climb over but the benefits of dedicating time and effort into these notes have been worth it. Ching makes it pretty easy to understand these complex parts of architecture. So having to note take, sketch, and diagram helps staple information in your brain. I will continue to use this in future readings as it helps me understand and break down information, and I will gladly recommend it to others as well.

  11. Bventura

    Brailyn Ventura

    I found note-taking, summarizing and sketching to be especially helpful in retaining information. I plan to continue using these strategies in future courses to help me better understand and remember the key concepts. As well our discussion were helpful in the understanding of the material.

  12. Julia Kolpak

    The note taking and the sketching that was discussed throughout the semester were very beneficial. To start off, every weeks reading seemed to be similar to what we were drawing that week, so it made it easier to understand and we can use Ching as a reference if more understanding was needed. These readings were very useful to learning about why buildings are built and how they structurally stand. So going forward, I will make sure to use these skills throughout the next coming semesters by not just drawing something but instead understanding why what you’re drawing is right and why structurally it works within not just the 2D world, but instead the 3D

  13. Kalvin Chen

    The taking notes strategy is good because if anything like you doesn’t remember something you can just look back at your notes and sketches for you to understand what a certain page was about. I am going to start taking more notes frequently for my future work ahead for me to have a summary of the pages that I need to read about.

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