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Reflections and Assessments


Please make a new post for each reflection and be sure you reflect on the following topics. If you have completed any of these earlier in the semester you don’t need to repeat. If you do repeat any, I will give you extra credit.

Also, be sure to complete the two assessments on Reading and Drawings using these links:

Drawing Post-Assessment:

Reading Post-Assessment:


FINAL: How important is the relationship between materials, structure, and design to you? How will you implement these relationships in the design studio?

READINGs 5+6: What do you appreciate about the different materials and how they work in structural systems?

READING 4: Why is it important to understand the way exterior walls are put together? Why is there so much complexity with many different components?

READING 3: Why is masonry such an appealing material for construction?

READING 2: How will you integrate egress into your design work? What are the most important elements to consider when designing safe egress?

READING 1: What differentiates Architecture from Construction? How do we recognize Architectural works as being something more than mere construction?

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work this semester!

Prof. Montgomery

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