During the course of this semester, I learned many valuable information. Before starting this course, my knowledge on sections, plans, line weight, stairs, egress, structural units, masonry, materials, etc, was very limited. I knew of these categories but I was not knowledgeable on them. Through our assignments and readings, I began to understand these topics more clearly. I now fully understand the importance of stairs and egress and how it plays a valuable role in the design and function of a structure. From trends and risers, to columns and beams, and everything in between, each element plays an important role for the architect and architecture.  Fully grasping all this information has kept me intrigued to learn more. Building Tech I covers so much important information that I was able to use in my other courses this semester. To also learn from a very knowledgeable professor has made my first experience with building tech memorable. Through learning the concepts of a building also helped me with designing, planning and participating in my design, and structure courses. Once you understand the fundamentals of building technology, your understanding of architecture becomes clearer. You actually want to continue to learn and participate. The learning never stops, but whats important is the will to want to learn and with this course, it  has kept me wanting to learn. Professor Montgomery was an amazing professor. He made class fun and interesting.  I’ve learn many tricks and tips from him. I am excited to take all this information and apply it to my future B. Tech and Architectural courses. This course was an stepping stone for me. I learned so much and I will continue to learn.


Thanks for the amazing semester & bob’s your uncle! 🙂