Having trouble uploading my assignments

Hello professor my i can’t download my assignments to my e-portforlio due to the images exceeding the upload limit

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Semester Assignments Links







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Red Hook Winery Reflection

Hello everyone. I really enjoyed the presentation we had as a class at the Red Hook Winery. It was really my first presentation ever. At first I was a little nervous because I didn’t wanna let any of my class mates down but eventually I picked up the flow and went along with some help from Professor Montgomery and Yael finished it off. It was a wonderful experience. I think we could’ve done better if we had more time but we executed the plan. This was a very good learning experience because thats what were going to be doing in the future. Presenting our project to our clients and explaining detail by detail. Even though it was a hassle getting there, both times we went there as a class it was a beautiful day out. Im glad Professor Montgomery took us to a wonderful experience. Hopefully the owners of the winery look at what we worked on and they are secure for when the next storm hits.  I also want to thank Sherwin for the snacks. Have a happy HOLIDAYS everyone, hope to see you sometime soon 🙂

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Red Hook Winery Presentation

I was really exited to see how it felt like to be working on a actual project a client wanted to see. It showed me that presenting to actual clients isn’t far off into the future. The Red Hook Winery was a very good learning experience.

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Red Hook Presentation Reflection

Last Wednesday’s presentation was a very nice introduction of what it will look like for future architect facing a client. I found it very refreshing after all work that we’ve put into and the client gave a positive feedback on Manuel’s idea that we have put into drawings. I was a bit shaken that I had to explain a little bit about the resiliency since I did not prepare anything regarding the subject but we already went through the lecture and I just based it on what Professor Montgomery said. Overall, it was a good visit to the winery to me.

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The Red Hook Winery Presentation

I hope everyone enjoyed this presentation as much as I did. It was a wonderful experience. The entire project was a great opportunity to learn how work with a client looks like in the real world, when we had specific tasks and set deadlines, but still to be guided by professor throughout the process.  I liked working as a team, because it was a motivation to execute good drawings knowing it was not only for me.

The presentation itself went good. I was a little nervous since my drawing was opening the presentation, but I believe all the information I provided the owner with was clear and necessary, and all his questions were answered. It was pleasure to see that he liked our proposal, and hopefully he will use it.

In general, I am glad to have this project on my portfolio and resume, so I would like to thank the entire team, we did a good job. And thank you, professor Montgomery, for putting together the whole set, it was nice to see our names on the front page. It was a prove, that hard work is always being rewarded.

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Reed Hook Presentation Reflection

It was an experience every student needs to have and i am grateful to have been made part of it. Having a set deadline and a client was a motivation to do better and show potential in the group and standout.

I realized it becomes harder to make points while being faced with a lot of pressure, which is why making talking points was so important.

i wish i spoke about

*how important that the apertures were to be protected because they are the main entry points of water.

* And about how it is important to use material other than wood to protect the interior spaces of the building in case of a breach, material that can resist salt water damage.

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Final Exam and Reflection


The final exam will begin at 2:00pm in room V812 tomorrow (Monday Dec 23.) You will take the exam on Blackboard, so please have your username and password ready to go.

Also, please post a reflection on OpenLab about your experience working on the Red Hook Winery project.

See you tomorrow.

Prof. Montgomery

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Reflection_Pier 41 Presentation

This past Wednesday’s presentation was great. It reminded me of the opportunities for the future….specifically for architects to meet the coming challenge of climate change with optimism. For my own personal stance,  the challenge would be to balance the ability to be ingenuitive with the inevitability of natural order. At any rate, …the future looks bright. I was pleased at how receptive the client(s) were concerning the ideas for “hardening” the space/site. It made my portion that much easier.

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Back of house section cut

* What you are looking at, is a back of the house section cut off the red hook winery.
* The heavier lines indicates what’s being cut.
Q.N. on what’s being cut [joist, blukhead]
* New system that prevents them from getting flooded during hurricanes and floods and storms.


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