December 09th red hook addition discussion

  1. Arch action aperture protection device. 2 Large and 2 small … kept off site
  2. Venetian Flood Gate in case of minor high water event *installed and kept off site
  3. Perforated piping system. * series of trenches that lead out to the water, to relieve hydro static pressure on slab. * if water is too high piping will be connected to a pump.
  4. A bench system will be installed in the barrel storage room 3 feet off the floor which may require a machine other than the fork lift to move barrels.
  5. Water proof containment systems, enclose the barrels in a metal enclosure system to keep them dry.
  6. store room shelves height up to the ceiling for dry storage.
  7. toilets and rooms wet proof, take very type of wood out of the space and replace with resilient material. e.g  stone, tiles anything not impacted by salt water.
  8. electrical equipment higher on the walls.
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