Yael Malaev

The way I was researching a certain topic today was different from usual. I wasn’t exposed to this way of researching in my past experience. I would usually research the typical way, with the help of the internet. It felt like the old fashion way and was interesting to get a taste of that even though I was using a computer “again” to look at pictures. It took some actual researching not like the maps or books that were handed straight to us. I would like to look at them when I get a chance. Louis and I looked up key terms such Red hook New York, storms and hurricanes.

  • I noticed that the fences to keep the water from destroying everything during a storm were made of wood.
  • Houses and boats also made of wood.
  • Certain houses would be built “close” to the shore.
  • The bottom or the first floor of a house would be supported by thin wooden columns. Did not look like the weight was spread. Mass of 2 floors supported by thin wooden columns next to the shore.

IMG_0793 IMG_0796IMG_0798

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