Professors Montgomery and Phillip

Author: Karmoko Sillah

Karmoko’s Midterm Presentation Reflection

During the presentations on Monday 10/. I was given a lot of information during the various presentation topics that were done by the different groups. I learned a great deal about the economic benefits surrounding metrotech. I also learned of the urban renewal project which in turn would correlate with my groups presentation on gentrification of the metrotech area. The presentation helped me develop a better understanding of the whole reasoning and planning of metrotech as we know today. All of the groups presentations helped me expand my thinking when it came to metrotech and has helped me develop a better understanding of the Changes that metrotech has caused .

Karmoko & Basant Tour Reflection

Wednesday’s tour through Metrotech center was extremely informative and at the same time interesting. Taking a look at the different building structures around the metrotech area had me really thinking in depth about the importance of historical buildings, and the vast change in the architecture of buildings in Downtown Brooklyn. The most interesting of the buildings in my opinion was the Offerman building on Albee Square. The building design was quite marvelous and extravagant. The patterns and materials used to build the building were really beautiful. If I had passed by this building on a regular day, I would’ve never thought to stop and embrace the beauty of this design. The Offerman building in contrast to the tall newer building directly across the street were extremely different in structure. With the Offerman building it is clear that both artists and architects worked together in order to design the beautiful arches. With the newer residential building it looks pretty dull, there aren’t really any unique artistic designs.

My partner and I used the last portion of the class to gather pictures and notes on the Metrotech area. I went around and took various pictures of buildings, and areas that stood out to me. My partner Basant took voice memos of our observations of the surrounding area. When we came together we discussed the different building structures mainly the mixed-use buildings around the Metrotech center.


Neighborhood Analysis Reflection

In doing this neighborhood analysis project it has definitely opened my eyes to being more observant to my surroundings, and also really being attentive to what’s going on in my neighborhood. With this project, I was able to learn how to 1.Create voice memos while analyzing my neighborhood, 2.Observing historical documents and buildings, 3.Using 3-D maps to find and display my neighborhood. All of these three things are the most important things that stuck with me in doing this project.

In doing the voice memos through which I observed my surroundings and recorded my observations, I found that the very first few times that I did the voice memos I was very shy I felt that I wasn’t making sense in them. But as I continued making more voice memos, I realized that I was forcing myself to make these memos I wasn’t letting it flow naturally. When I did just let my words flow naturally with what I was seeing, I found that the voice memo came out much better. Now, in the future I feel that I will be able to create voice memo analysis’ with ease.

Another important thing that I found was extremely helpful in this project is the observations of historical documents and buildings. It was my first time using the NYPL’s database to find historical documents. I was able to find that in 1963, there was an extension added to the NYPL Out of my own curiosity, I went to the library to examine the changes that were made, and I found that the library has changed immensely in terms of structure. Prior to this project I would’ve probably never even known how old the NYPL was, nor would I even care to check. But after doing this project, it has opened up my mind to curiosity. Wherever I go im thinking to myself, “Could this neighborhood also contain a historic artifact”?

Lastly, in creating maps using different sites such as Oasis, and Google Maps/Earth, it actually helped educate me in being able to use these maps to find locations which is knowledge I didn’t really have before. Oasis was completely new to me, and I found it amazing how it allowed for me to look at the different business and industries and housing that were in my neighborhood. I also found it interesting how it allowed for me to find the different historical areas around my neighborhood. Google maps gave me names of places that I didn’t even know had that name. This project has definitely opened my eyes to what it really means to analyze and observe my surroundings, and then record my observations in a way that would be clear and understandable to others.