On September 25, 2019, our class took a tour of the MetroTech area, throughout Jay Street and Willoughby. We focused on the Urban layout of MetroTech and its changes between 1924 and its present setup. We engaged in discussions, highlighting how residential areas were moved to create bigger roads, highways, and buildings; A few project buildings were put in place as well. They also downsized recreational spaces to make streets wider and made extensions to connect the bridges too. We were observing the area and its current uses; how it may be beneficial as well as its negative aspects.  

From the map of 1924, we were able to note that this area of Downtown Brooklyn was much more of a residential space versus now where its buildings are mainly mixed use. The change has somewhat improved the area, but it also has its way of separating the surrounding communities. The entrances to the buildings are located within the MetroTech commons area. The back of the buildings faced the projects. For people who want to get into MetroTech, at least from the projects, they would have to walk down Myrtle and into the commons area. The seating in the MetroTech commons area is also unique. The benches face outward to the walking portions. The chairs where people can sit back and take naps, if they wanted to, are scattered under the trees in a random setup. There are also little tables for people to have snacks while shaded by the trees.