Our assignment was to explore the MetroTech District of Brooklyn and do a comparison between 1924 and 2019 to show how the area has transformed over time and how it influenced the existing changes occurring today in Downtown Brooklyn. MetroTech lies between Jay Street and Flatbush Avenue, north of the Fulton Street Mall and south of Tillary Street. Before we started exploring, Professor Montgomery provided us with two maps of the MetroTech District showing both the past and the present from 1924 to 2019. The fact that we were able to have both maps side by side made it very easy to see how the area has changed over time. During our tour around Metrotech District, we have noticed that how gentrification reshaped the whole composition of the neighborhood. Some interesting things that we have discovered was zoning changes that brought high rise buildings, government buildings, communal spaces, green streets, and natural circulation paths that was made by pedestrians and a revamped infrastructure that connected Downtown Brooklyn to major highways and bridges. Throughout our trip, we walked on Myrtle Ave to see how it has changed today and discussed how the development of MetroTech have influenced the development of Flatbush Ave. Overall the changes seem good, the development of this area is an ongoing process and far from being complete.