Faculty participating in Model Course Development are responsible for completing the following. Deadlines are provided by your workshop coordinators.

  1. Review instructional materials presented in these modules.
  2. Communicate with your faculty team, mentors, and other program participants; ask questions.
  3. Collect, adapt, and align your course materials with the course template provided, the College’s credit hour policy, and the recommended Best Practices.
  4. Populate and organize the model course template with collected and adapted course materials.
  5. Request feedback, review model course sites by other participants, and finalize site.
  6. Test “Shared Cloning” of your model course site and notify workshop coordinators of bugs or support requests.
  7. Prepare instructions for faculty who will be using the model course in the upcoming semester and beyond.
  8. Complete the Model Course Development Checklist
  9. Submit the model course site for peer review by the workshop coordinators and your course coordinator.