Class Info

  • Date: 09/08/2020
  • Meeting Info: meet via zoom at TK


Professional Portfolios. Business Etiquette and Interviewing Techniques


  • Polishing Your Portfolio
  • Developing an Interview Strategy; Interviewing Techniques for zoom, phone and in-person interviews
  • Researching the Company Before the Interview


From the BBC, a good article about why zoom meetings are more tiring for many of us:

For looking good on zoom for future interviews you will be having (and I know, her site is called hot & flashy, not exactly a professional moniker but the video has good tips):

Also, some good tips in the video above. Note, the video above talks about finding a quiet space to do the interview and that can be hard to come by these days since everyone is home all the time but it is the goal and so work for a time for zoom interviews when your household is quietest.

See the article on Adweek at

I look forward to seeing some interesting backgrounds in our next Zoom session.


For all Interviews, prep ahead of time

So, here’s are two good articles covering common interviews questions:

Research the Company

Always, learn about the company before you interview with them, whether than interview is on the phone, via zoom or in-person. Tips for that research:

• The company’s website. Seems obvious but worth restating just in case. Check out their social media sites as well.

• Look at the clients they work with too.

• Check out Glassdoor, Crain’s, New York Times, Ad Age and the Wall Street Journal for Information about them.

• Look them up in the library’s databases such as Ebsco: we will do that for a company during class

• If you have not already done so, sign up for your FREE subscription to the NY Times and Wall Street Journal. Yes, you are entitled to a one year FREE subscription to these two publications as a CUNY student.


We will review resumes of design students to discuss strengths and weaknesses.

Then, we will review together resumes from this class that have been submitted.

To-Do After Class

• Polish your resume for submission to me by next week

• Send me your portfolio link on our discussion board by next week if you already have one; by week three of class if you are still putting it together.

• Keep Building your LinkedIn network. Send emails inviting all your classmates from other classes and current professors and past professors to connect on LinkedIn with you.

• See additional Reading assignments under Assignments/Week Two