Due Date


To Do/Instructions

Now that you’ve attended your first networking event, you are to write a blog post about the virtual event you attended. You should let the reader know the following information:

• the name of the event, the host for the event

• Type of event: panel, networking get-together, presentation or tutorial, etc.

• Topics covered

• Was it interactive–was there a Q & A or breakout rooms, etc. Did you get to connect with attendees? Where they many attendees?

• What you learned & was there a follow-up email after the event from the hosts

• Your take/review of the event

• Research one company or speaker or topic mentioned in the event and add that info to your post.

• As per our blog guidelines, images should accompany your post

Here’s a past student’s review of a One Club Event. This one was in-person but can still be used as a model.


• Connect with one speaker or attended via LinkedIn after the event

To Read

In your text, The Essentials of Business Etiquette, How to Eat, Greet and Tweet Your Way to Success, read Section III: Tweet, pgs. 139-186


See the Networking Section of our site for organizations and professional associations that you can get involved and start networking in your areas of interest.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improving your writing and networking skills
  • Improving your oral communication skills
  • If you are at an internship, applying your skills and learning new ones
  • Honing your research skills