Due Date:


To Do/Instructions

If you have an internship, you must fill out the  CUNY internship Agreement Form and place it in the Blackboard Drop Box. You should write your first two entries about your internship as per the journal guidelines. Review the past student model blog posts I’ve provided to assist you before you begin.

If you don’t have an internship, continue your search and post on your blog all the activities you did the previous week to find an internship. Use all the available resources I’ve provided on this site and others that you find. You should write at least two blog posts describing what you have been doing on your job hunt.

For all of you (those that have an internship and those that don’t):

•Keep Building your LinkedIn network. Send emails inviting all your classmates from other classes and current professors and past professors to connect on LinkedIn with you.

• Review your facebook and other social media pages to ensure there is nothing on these pages that detracts from your professional image.

• You should also set aside some time before our next zoom class meeting to attend a industry event on your own and one of your tasks at that event is to make a connection and connect with them on LinkedIn . We will be meeting asynronously next week and next week you need to attend a virtual networking event. See Class/Week Three for details.

• Please read the following in Section I in The Essentials of Business Etiquette: How to Eat, Greet and Tweet your way to Success:

To Read

• In your text, The Essentials of Business Etiquette, How to Eat, Greet and Tweet Your Way to Success, read Section I: Greet Part 2: Maintaining a Professional Image, pages 51-100.

And in Section IV: Career, read section:

85: Internship Tips for My Son      . . . And Others, pages 199 to 201

• You took a Title IX training last week. Read the article below about Uber gender discrimination and read Susan Fowler’s post about her experience at Uber at:


We will discuss all readings during our next Zoom meeting.



Learning Outcomes

  • See Week Two/Objectives
  • Improving your writing and networking skills
  • Improving your oral communication skills
  • If you are at an internship, applying your skills and learning new ones