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  • Date: TK
  • Meeting Info: This is an Asynchronous class meeting.


Networking–We discuss its importance in our first class two classes –now it’s time to do it! Make time this week to attend your first required Networking event for this class. Register and attend a virtual event and of course, blog about it and post that blog entry by next week’s zoom class.


  • Attend a virtual Networking Event in line with your career interests from among those we discussed last class and ideas I posted on our home page.
  • Take notes during the event for your blog post about it
  • Research one company or speaker mentioned during the event and included that research in your blog post
  • Send a Linked invite to one speakers or attendee you met at the event.

Ideas for Networking Events

Screen Shot of the virtual event Design for reAbility-

Cooper Hewitt Virtual Event “Changing Course: Navigating the Future of Design”

To-Do After ClassTo-Do After Class

• Blog about the networking Event you attended. See details of what that post should contain in Assignments/Week Three

• Connect with One Speaker or Attendee at the event via LinkedIn

• See additional Reading assignments under Assignments/Week Three