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  • Date: TK
  • Meeting Info: meet via zoom at TK

To-Do Before Class

For those of you who attended the internship orientation in Spring or in early August, you will already have been working on your resume and portfolio or may have found a spot. For those who did not, we will be covering what you need to do to locate you internship.  


Class Orientation/Preparation for Job Hunting


  • Getting to Know the COMD Internship Site, its internship job sites, and its writing and portfolio resources, etc.
  • Building your network–right here in this zoom class and at CityTech
  • Getting an Internship vs. Getting the Internship that You Want
  • Tips for Resume Writing


Employment at Will and what that means:

Finding a Job is one thing; finding the right internship for YOU specifically is what I would call a successful job search. Academics and psychologists have researched various ways of matching personalities to occupations. Some of these tests cost money to take–some do not. But let’s take a look at a few widely known systems for identifying the best fit for a particular personality. You have already chosen Communication design as your major and are now close to completing your degree. However, these systems can help you locate what work culture you prefer, do you want a large company, a small company or a startup, or do you want to work for a non-profit or an ad agency, etc. ?

First, we will take a look at the Holland theory of the type of personalities that fit into different types of work environments/careers. To do this, let’s play the Career Interest Game at the University of Missouri Career Center

The Career Game based on the Holland Theory of Career Choice


Second, the Myers Briggs:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s funded site at has a web-based assessment to take also.

Due to the pandemic, the Self-directed Website is letting you take a personality assessment test for Free. So, take advantage of this offer.

In the career book “What Color is Your Parachute?” first published in 1970 and still updated each year, author Richard Bowles suggests a self-inventory exercise, the Flower Petal Exercise. Given the number of career coaches that use it, it seems many people find it helps in job hunting. Let’s start first with Richard Bowles own site:

Screen Shot of My Google Search for Flower Petal Exercise


Let’s take a look at the resume of a student of mine who wanted to work for ETSY, a Brooklyn-based company that is an online marketplace for the sellers of handmade goods.

Take a look at her resume from her ePortfolo site:

Why do you think this resume might be appealing to ETSY, a Brooklyn-based company ?

We will now take a look at a Design Recruiter’s tips for your resume:

Title IX Training

You are required to complete an on-line City Tech Sexual Harassment, Gender-Based Harassment and Sexual Violence Curriculum program as a requirement for all City Tech  interns. It is a mandatory requirement for you to complete this training. This training will enable you to be well-informed about sexual harassment and sexual assault, and how to remain safe in work environments outside of the College.

You will be completing this training today in class and submitting to me your electronic certificate so our department can submit them to the college’s legal department.  You can access the program at:

And here’s some news from earlier this year that relates to why Title IX was important legislation and how sometimes, companies use non-disclosures to prevent employers from filing lawsuits.

And here’s a site to review what a Non-Disclosure Agreement looks like for a Designer:

To-Do After Class

• Polish your resume for submission to me by next week in the dropbox on Blackboard

• Send me your portfolio link on our discussion board by next week if you already have one; by week three of class if you are still putting it together.

•Begin Building your LinkedIn network. Send emails inviting all your classmates and myself to join your network.

• If you have an internship, please submit the CUNY Internship agreement to me by next week

• See additional Reading assignments under Assignments/Week One