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  • Date: TK
  • Meeting Info: This is an Asynchronous class meeting.


Learning Beyond the Classroom–We discussed it last week but you will be needing to learn things on the job for your internship that classes may not have covered. So, what’s a good way to do that? Attend a Webinar. Register and attend a webinar that addresses a topic you need to know for your internship now or you’d like to know more about in the future. And yes, blog about what you learned during this webinar and be sure to give your review of it too. Not all webinars are useful or all presentations good. Post that blog entry by next week’s zoom class.


  • Attend a Webinar in line with your career interests from among those we discussed last class –links are below. If you find another one that works better, go ahead and attend that.
  • Take notes during the webinar for your blog post about it
  • Research one company or speaker mentioned during the event and included that research in your blog post
  • Send a Linked invite to one speaker or person you met at the event.

Ideas for Webinars

Part of this virtual class’s objectives is to introduce you to various resources for lifelong learning. Along with conferences and in-person networking events, webinars are another important tool to self-educate as many are free because they are sponsored by vendors. suppliers, etc.. So, for this week if you don’t attend an in-person networking event,  you are to select a webinar and blog about what you learned. See the list of webinars below (Note: I am asking you to “attend” only those that are free) :
Under resources, scroll down and you will find some webinar videos.

Watch at least one webinar from these sites or another site where you are learning about the industry with regard to branding, the business of specing a job or developing an idea. I do not want you to watch a webinar that is purely about learning software but must only touch on how that software is used in the professional practice of our field. I have given webinar suggestions above but feel free to email me if you found a webinar on another topic that you wish to watch. Please come to class next week prepared to discuss what you learned in the webinar. You will also write a blog post that will be due next week summarizing the webinar you watched. Of course, this summary should include the webinar’s topic, the speakers, the clients or work discussed and then what you thought were the key points you learned. If you didn’t learn very much, then discuss that and critique the presentation. Please be sure to take some screen grabs while watching this webinar or find images of the work discussed or the company’s web site that the presenter represents, images of slides, etc. You could have a photo of the presenters too. These images will be used to accompany your journal entry.

To-Do After Class

• see homework Assignments/Week Six