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Dear interns,

My name is Tanya Goetz and I am the Communication Design Department’s Internship Coordinator. Yes, you have now reached the point in your City Tech journey where the classroom extends to a design position in a company in the communications and media industry in the Tri-state area or remotely anywhere in the world. You will be chronicling your experience in a blog on Openlab and sharing them with your classmates in our zoom class meetings.

We understand that health and safety are the number one priority and the department expects that all internship work will be remote this Fall, as they were over the summer and since Mid-March last Spring. In the summer, students successfully completed the required hours and we believe the same can happen this fall. We held two internship orientations earlier this year, in Spring and in August to help get students started. IF you have not yet done so, please join the COMD Internship Coordination Site. This site has a job board on the home page that I will be updating during the semester when I hear of intern opportunities. If you missed the two orienations, you can listen to the recording from the Spring orientation.

As part of your class, you will be required to attend at least 2 Networking events off-campus and one on-campus. Networking is a crucial skill throughout one’s career and you will begin the work of starting your network in this class if you have not begun that work already. There are other requirements as well and we will be covering them during our first class.

And for a humorous take on  internships, let’s take a look at a clip from SNL earlier this year:

Please examine the sections of this site once you have joined and I look forward to reading and hearing about your internship experiences.

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