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Project #1:
Designing for Social Impact


Working independently, each student researches conceptualizes and develops an in-depth project, across media channels.

Project Topic: Community & Civic Engagement

You’ll conduct exploratory research to examine this theme and establish how YOU fit. Are you an expert or an ally? Once this phase is completed, you will identify a topic that you would like to focus on, then develop a conceptual plan that addresses a particular issue. 
Your project will consist of:

  • A final presentation of your completed conceptual plan.
  • Examples of your research with will include: A process book, you break-out exercises, and readings. 
  • A midterm presentation that will establish your research and concept direction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to develop a strategy based on independent research.
  • Think critically and creatively to solve visual communication problems. Design and/or produce images and text that effectively communicate intended content.
  • Identify, evaluate, and effectively respond to ethical issues as a citizen and a professional.
  • Present and defend his or her work
  • to a client.


  • Week 7 – Midterm Research Summary & Concept Pitch
  • Week 15 – Final Concept Pitch

Create the PDF from the Template assignment here.


Research, independent/ critical assessment, and presentation skills are an all encompassing part of establishing a design solution. Therefore, grades will be determined as follows:

Concept & Strategy25%
(Research and Analysis & Idea Generation)
(Composition & Writing)
Research synthesis / Strategic planning / Concept creativity / Depth of media channels / Visual Cohesion
Presentation (Verbal & Visual)25%
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