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Project #2:

Senior Project Research Paper

Research a topic for your possible senior project. Explore ideas and discover new opportunities or reimagine existing ones. Using the same methods as the main project, you will use what you’re learning to research and prepare a paper to share your research findings for Senior Project. When completed, you will be able to back up and defend why your topic is important to your Senior Project Advisor. Remember that its acceptance is dependent upon your advisor the professor for that class.

Your project will include:

  • An abstract of concept.
  • Research to validate ideas, assumptions, and specific perspectives. 
    • Why the topic is important to you?
    • How does your concept/project differ from existing impact projects?
    • What are the best approaches toward getting your message out to the intended audience(s)?
    • What is a realistic timeline to achieve the desired result by the end of the 13 weeks? 


  • Week 9 – Topic presentation.
  • Week 14 – Submitted research paper. 

Create the PDF from the Template assignment here.

Project Grading

Research, independent/ critical assessment, and paper organization are critical for create a proper Senior Project proposal.

Therefore, grades will be determined as follows:

Abstract Review25%
Research / Appendix25%
Final research paper/ proposal50%

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