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Hello Class!

Besides your brain, your sketchbook is the most powerful illustration tool you have!  It is your visual diary. It is the place where you can collect your visual observations and thoughts, as well as practice the foundational skill that underpins the art form of illustration, DRAWING. Remember, this sketchbook is yours! Draw as many pages as you want in it per week. The more you do, the better you’ll get at using your hands, your eyes, and most of all, your mind.

Illustration by Steven B. Reddy.

Every week you’ll get a sketchbook exercise.

Post your weekly sketchbook exercise and any additional sketches you would like to share from that week, right here.

Be sure you:

  • Ensure your sketches face the right way up
  • You photos are clear and easy to read.
  • Categorize your post sketchbook
  • Write a few lines about what you drew
  • Title your post “Week One Sketchbook, Week Two Sketchbook”, etc.
  • Post your sketches before the start of class!

Getting Started:

When you are ready to begin, go to WEEK ONE SKETCHBOOK EXERCISE to find out this week’s theme!

Helpful hint:

Before you start, you should read the article which begins this weeks’ DISCUSSION Topic!

5 Steps to Starting a Sketchbook Habit—Whether or Not You “Can” Draw

-By Loney Abrams

Happy Drawing!