Project Overview:

By this point you should have completed assignment 1, and now have a exciting new design for a beverage label, and a solidly sketched out illustration, ready to finalize for your client!

Over the next 2 weeks you will complete your illustration. You will use a combination of ink and digital tools to do so.


  • Art must be made to fit the Product.  (wrap around can, wine label, tea box, all ok, but must be made to fit.)
  • Final Art is required to be created in Black and White only.  Ink and Pencil may be used.
  • Solution may include text, but must be primarily image based.
  • Students will be required to present the illustration alone, as well as a digital mock up of the illustration with all necessary text included.
  • Work in Progress should be posted for feedback to the OPEN LAB, (categorize as work in progress)
21st Amendment Brewery, wrap-around can art.

Process Presentation

Prepare a 3 minute Presentation (5 minutes total with Q&A) on your story and your working process, guiding us through the project from inception to conclusion.

Submit your Presentation as PDF PROCESS BOOK . (Examples below.)


Problem solve visually

Apply technical skills

Apply design concepts

Analyze content

Apply critical thinking skills to make creative inferences

Respect and Use Creativity

Practice public speaking skills

Organize materials

Here are some successful examples of Final Inked Illustrations and their Accompanying Process Books.

Dana Moreno – DanaMoreno_Midterm_Processbook

brandy ortiz – Brandy’s process book

amir tamang – atamang_processbook