Needed for this class

  • A camera or cameraphone
  • Lightroom Classic or Lightroom Photoshop App
  • A light source preferably a window during the day
  • If working with a light, tracing paper or other material to diffuse the light
  • A few simple food items such as a muffin, a bunch of grapes, a head of garlic, etc
  • some flat items to serve as background choices like a place mat, fabric, a baking tin, a cutting board.
  • White cards or computer paper

Food Photography

Food photography – the art of making food look good for the camera – often:

  • relies on interesting use of backgrounds and props to create mood and tell a story.
  • uses natural light. A window can be a great source of diffused light.
  • uses shallow depth of field to draw attention to the food itself.

Lab Exercises

The Background Matters

Using Fill to Brighten the Shadows

Homework Assignment

Final Project