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Fundamentals of Digital Video


• Understand the video file formats and standards in use today in our field

• Become familiar with the vocabulary used in video production

• Analyze videos to see how they incorporate audit and color theory

• Think about how the narrative structure of a video and the elements that make it effective


Even before we discuss those issues, let’s take a look at the Ad Age White Paper I handed out that discusses how video is becoming a more integral part of the media buy for companies.

White papers are produced by Companies and they showcase date on different marketplace trends. In this case, the trend the white paper is showcasing is the increasing ad dollars being spent on targeted video ads on youtube versus traditional TV buying (commercials). These reports are a few years old now; the newer ones are for sale. But these reports show you how data on different marketplaces can inform creative decisions.

ZEFR White Paper

Note who the sponsor is of this white paper and so do keep in mind the data presented may be biased and look for other sources to confirm the trends discussed. So, take a look at the following white paper from Ad Age, this one is not sponsored by single company by by Crains, a business to business publisher.


We will watch part of this in class here and then you can review the rest of this webinar at home. You can see how integral a role the Film editor places in this process.

Let’s now take a look at the elements we have been discussing to date, color, and audio, come together in two classic movie title sequences, and in a 2019 short film by Apple shown at a product introduction event.

And let’s review this sequence from the 1962 Bond Film, Dr. No:

After watching these two credit pieces, I’d like you to compare the two short credit films and find common themes in the use of color.  Describe the use of color in each file and also discuss how each film makes effective use of type combined with image. Remember, think in terms of contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity as well as typeface. When describing the colors, don’t forget to use color terms discussed last week such as monochromatic, warm vs. cool tones, complementary and analogous.

Let’s look at one more title sequence from Saul Bass:

Please go to our discussion board for today’s class and write down any elements of these short utilize interactions of color effectively and also how the images interact with the audio. Discuss what makes all three of these videos effective. What elements of effective design are they using ?/ Do you think Apple’s product intro sequence was influenced by either of the movie title sequences we watched together?

Below is a slide show presentation of the Fundamentals of Digital Video.


16 Best Video Editing Apps–You can use one of these to do your video project.

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