Journal Entry 2

My role is the company is to help with the branding of the company. They do have business cards and other stationary but they needed a rework. They want to stay up to date with designs so i am currently helping them out with that. The job title of my supervisor is CEO of MasterScope. I applied on craigslist then i have an in-person meeting with both co-founders of MasterScope. They offered me the position right after the interview was over. Most of the questions they asked me was more about getting to know me. I told them what i was interesting in doing with my career and what they were looking to get out of their very own company. I did show them previous work I’ve done for school mock-ups, youtube channel logos, business cards, etc. They liked the work because they want their designs to be Simple and sleek.


Old Business Card:

New: Card

Old Logo :