Journal Entry 7

Although i am the only person who does graphic design and the other two people are business majors, i cannot really find them as mentors in my field. Even though we are from two different fields, one way that i found myself looking at them as a role model was how they speak to their clients. How they make the client feel confident to have Master Scope doing the book keeping for them.  I do believe having this skill will go a long way, no matter what field you are in. Whenever the supervisors have to go on a meeting, if its during my 5 hour work shift i would go with them and listen to how they speak to the clients.

Journal Entry 6

For a self-evaluation, i would say i am doing okay, but that is hard to tell because i am the only person doing the graphic design work for the company. I do wish the company had another graphic designer so i can learn from him/her but i guess i cant have it all. I did ask the supervisors how my performance is doing and they always say i’m doing great. I do believe they are just saying that but that’s okay. This internship has given me a lot of experience so far.

Journal Entry 5

I haven’t had much of a collaboration project in the internship. Although i do collaborate with the supervisors to see if they like the design and colors that i have chosen. They do give me creative control with the designs but I do ask for their opinion. I do believe getting input from other people does help the over all design. Sometimes i ask my brother for his opinion on designs that I do for them. He also does graphic design and it’s always good to have another graphic designers opinion on how i can better the overall design.

Journal Entry 4

Currently i am the only intern in the graphic design department. Sometimes i do go out of my department to help out whenever i can with other assignments given in the internship. I can type very fast so if they need someone to put in information in excel, they would contact me and ask if i can do so for them. So far they only asked me to do that task a few times but i personally do not mind it because it gives me a break from the graphic design portion

Journal Entry 3

For the internship i work in my pajamas; It is a remote internship but sometimes i do meet up with the supervisors to show them in progress work. When i do have to meet with them in person, i dress normally. The work flow that i do is i mainly just put as much work as i can. Since i am working from home, if i do need to take a break to eat i can do that with ease then get right back into work.

Journal Entry 2

My role is the company is to help with the branding of the company. They do have business cards and other stationary but they needed a rework. They want to stay up to date with designs so i am currently helping them out with that. The job title of my supervisor is CEO of MasterScope. I applied on craigslist then i have an in-person meeting with both co-founders of MasterScope. They offered me the position right after the interview was over. Most of the questions they asked me was more about getting to know me. I told them what i was interesting in doing with my career and what they were looking to get out of their very own company. I did show them previous work I’ve done for school mock-ups, youtube channel logos, business cards, etc. They liked the work because they want their designs to be Simple and sleek.


Old Business Card:

New: Card

Old Logo : 


Journal Entry 1

The company I am an intern for is called MasterScope. They offer book keeping services for businesses and individual if needed. The company is a private company; they are a recent start-up company by two friends. The primary business of MasterScope is bookkeeping. They offer free consultation and determine which tools will be best for the client and their business. From what i know, they currently have one client. The company was formed at the end of 2017. The area that i work in for the company would be the graphic design department. I was unable to find any articles on this company because they are a start up.

A day in the park – Assignment 2 – Marlon Nunez

FullSizeRender IMG_7238 IMG_7239

When i arrive at the park with my baseball equipment, my heart is beating very fast because this is my first tryout for a local team. The closer i get to the fields, the faster the heart beat. I see a lot of kids warming up. I start to warm up with them, I approach one of the kids and we toss the ball around. The coach calls us and he splits us into teams and we start to play. My team has two outs and I step up to the plate.I hit the ball and i make my way to first base. I did  not score because the batter after me struck out. Nine innings later, my team loses the game. A week later, the coach calls me and tells me i made the team.



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