About Me

My name is Matthew Munroe and I am a Graphic Arts/Advertisement Design major. I am Currently in my fourth year of attending New York City College of Technology. I graduated from Valley Stream Central High School in 2010. DSC_4882My current interests are music, photography, graphic arts, and skateboarding. I’m currently in an R&B music group and I’m attempting to start a band. I am a lover of all types of music. The genres of music that I listen to can range all the way from grunge heavy metal, to symphonies of classical music, to soulful ballads of R&B. I often like to tell stories with poems about my life and what I’ve been through. That also often transfers into my music. When it comes to photography I started about two years ago when I first bought my Nikon d3100 dSLR camera. From then, I have grown not only in knowledge and experience, but also in clientele. I have taken photos for baby showers, bridal showers, formal events, etc. I have shot multiple music videos as well as interviews and more. I initially started my own company and started growing as a business. More recently I have put aside my own company and joined/co-created a brand new company named Innovative Design Koncept Productions. Along with five other talented gentlemen, we have made our goal to be able to provide our client with whatever their vision is. Ranging graphic logos to video shoots and more, our names have been growing.