3-D printing summary.

Since being introduced to 3-D printing a few years ago that it has completely change the way we look at technology today some technology visionaries predict that life on earth will radically change because of its many technology experts believe that humans could theoretically live to be 110 with 3-D printed organs. In fact 3-D printing is advancing at an acceleration rate. In America, designers are working on 3-D printed cars. China and Holland, are building housing using 3-D printing. Even in England, where they created the first 3-D printed hamburger. Another great factor is that when using 3-D printing, it helps reduce plastic waste. As we continue to see what 3-D printing will bring in the next few years, we know that it will continue to push the boundaries of technology.

Animation Project

var height = 400, width = 400,
canvas, ctx, interval,
h = height, a = 0.1, v = 0, ballAbsorption = 0.8,
ballSize = 20, ballRadius = ballSize / 2, frameRate = 20;
function drawBall() {
if(h <= 0 && v > 0) {
v *= -2 * ballAbsorption; // bounding with more velocity

if(v > -0.1 && v < 0.1) {
interval = null;

// Move the ball
v += a; // deaccelerating
h -= v; // rising (if v < 0)

// drawing circle
ctx.clearRect(0, 0, height, width);
ctx.fillStyle = “blue”;
ctx.arc(width/2, height – h – ballRadius, ballRadius, 20, Math.PI*2,true);
window.onload = function() {
canvas = document.getElementById(‘c’);
canvas.height = height;
canvas.width = width;
ctx = canvas.getContext(“2d”);
interval = setInterval(drawBall, frameRate);
canvas.addEventListener(‘click’, function(){
h = height;
v = 0;
if(!interval) {
interval = setInterval(drawBall, frameRate);
#c {
border: 1px solid black;
<canvas id=”c”>



(The code I choose to do was one of a bouncing ball. Here are some of my drawings for the design.)

Digital Media Coding Favorite Movies

<!doctype html>

<title> <h1> Top Five Favorite Movies </h1> </title>

<li> <strong> Nightmare Before Christmas </strong> </li>

<li> <I> Watchmen </b> </li>

<li> <strong> <I> SinCity </I> </strong> </li>

<li> Beauty and the Beast </li>

<li> <strong> <I> <u> Coraline </u> </l> </strong> </li>