Trend Forecasting – Spring/ Summer 2021 Short Term Trend Forecasting Report and Presentation

In 2019, Merchant developed a two-year/short-term fashion forecast for Merchant Trend Forecasting Agency, (Note: students were asked to create their own company and present themselves as they are already a famous trend forecaster). This report focuses on women’s midi skirts that she selects and analyzes five different trends in them to be seen in Spring Summer 2021.

In this Spring / Summer 2021 Trend Report for Midi Skirts, Merchant did the following:

  • Identified the basic facts about each trend of midi skirts by using information from past forecasts.
  • Researched fashion trends from a variety of online and paper sources.
  • Explained the midi skirt trend’s appeal to the specific target market.
  • Completed a VALS (Values Attitudes and Lifestyles Survey).
  • Performed a Market Segmentation Analysis, and evaluated the geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioristic factors.
  • Made sketches of 5 trends in Midi Skirts for 2 years from 2019.
  • Proposed colors for the Spring / Summer 2021 season. (Provided paint swatches, and created unique color names.)
  • Proposed fabrics for the Spring / Summer 2021 season.

Here are the links to download Merchant’s Trend Report and Presentation: