Journal Entry 6- Self Evaluation


Lets start with attendance. Naturally I am an early bird so I am always the first one in the office (in the creative department), I always like to be early to everything. Things have been going smoothly so far. I am definitly trying my best to get out of my comfort zone. I constantly ask questions, I attend meetings to observe, take notes. I ask the Creative Directors if there are any projects I can help with, I shadow my supervisor. Moving into planning, I am really good at keeping track of things. I constantly check my calendar to check meetings, times, availability. I like to email other interns and keep updated on our intern project.

Things I do need to improve on are my skills in all Adobe Programs. I do not know many keyboard shortcuts, it looks bad if you are just constantly using the mouse. I had one Art Director watch over me as I worked, and he asked why I wasn’t using the keyboard (embarrassing moment) but because of that I am determined to remember as much keyboard shortcuts as I can.

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