Journal Entry 5- Working in groups and Collaborative projects.

A-Collaborating-Black-College-is-a-Successful-Black-College   I have just been assigned my first group project at work, the Intern Project. The interns were separated into two groups of five. Each group has two Designers, and three Strategiests. Together we have to create a campaign, all on our own. Going beyond created just visuals, we have to create a creative concept, a strategic plan, creative comps, a landing page, figure out media costs, create budget, create a launch timing and much more. It’s very intimidating but exciting at the same time. This project is only for the interns but it is a real client, not an in house project. The project at RAPP is kind of like a test run, we do not have a budget, we only need to create comps and research etc. We are not launching anything, after we have collected all the research, statistics and how much everything would cost IF it was launched we then have to create a PDF. It’s still a bit early to describe how working together is going.

I was also given an intern project at my last internship, Whole Whale. There were only 3 other interns, Our group was much smaller. There was no teams, we were all on one team, and we had to work together. Besides the size of the groups, a difference between these two projects would be execution. We DID have a budget, we had to actually buy promoted tweets and advertise on YouTube. Working together was a challenge, it is never easy working in groups. There is a lot of clashing of ideas, personalities etc. Our Youtube video was successful, we had over 10,000 views and only spent about 5$. The twitter campaign could have gone better, we did not get many retweets or clicks. Nonetheless it was a great experience and we taught Whole Whale what to do and not to do in their next campaign.

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