Journal Entry- 4 What’s a typical day in the office?

image001   My first week at RAPP, I attended a lot of meetings. I attended something called “Got Skillz”, they host this huge meeting every couple of weeks. Two groups present a campaign they have worked on in the past and the winners win a gift card. They present in front of 50+ people. It was a great experience. The deck the groups presented were fantastic, the work, the effects, everything. The Designers spoke with great confidence.

After only a week I think it’s safe to say Advertising is a crazy world. You really have to be a thinker, you have to always be on your toes, you have to be able to spit out great, creative ideas on the spot. You have to think beyond making a design just look good. Again as stated before my first week was pretty slow but my second week should be a lot busier. We have a lot of meetings planned inside the company and outside that interns must attend. We will  also be handed a “summer intern project“. This will be an internal project (the art directors in the company will come up with the project, not coming from a real client). Aside from the intern project, all the interns will help the creative directors with the clients they have now. I will be working with HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise). I will be sitting in during client briefs and design meetings. I am still not sure what specifically my duties will be but I know it will be design related since I am working in the creative department.

    “What’s a typical day in the office”? Truth is, I wouldn’t be able to describe one. There is no such thing as a typical day in Advertising. Everyday is different, I do not have set hours. Some days I may get out at 5pm other days 8pm maybe even 11pm (I’ve been warned by past interns). I don’t take lunch the same time everyday. I am preparing myself for those sleepless nights.


No sleep in Advertising

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