This is the inspiration for my first meme. Here is the result….
Here is my version of the “Squinting Lady” meme. In this version I changed the lady with a skeleton head.


This is my second meme that I was inspired by called the, “Me explaining meme”. I used Photoshop to create mine .

Here is my second meme. I used two characters from a sitcom called, “That 70’s Show”. What you see here is Hyde (left) a character who is a rebel kid and rants about conspiracy myths about the government most of the time. Meanwhile Kelso (right) never knows what’s going on and kind of slow.


The last meme Inso is a SpongeBob meme where you can contrast two thoughts. The CrustyCrab is seen as the best restaurant in the show meanwhile The Chum bucket is an awful place. Here is my version.
Here I added a controversial topic. That orange juice is better than apple juice!!

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