Presentation details

I submitted but didn’t quite explain my presentation so I will do that here.  For the past 5 weeks I have helped by supervisor with her companies Instagram and magazine website.

Instagram: I made some variations of logos and icons she wanted to see for Hashtag Lifestyle Instagram page. The icons would be for her stories like clients, influencers, and more, you can check Hashtag Lifestyles Instagram account to view the icons am not sure if they are the final icons though. I also designed quotes that she’ll use for her companies Instagram feed page.

She also needed design templates for Hashtags Instagram account that would relate to what she’s doing for example a design with clients she works with, client interviews, client tips and client behind scenes.

Magazine website: I had to design variations of what her magazine logo would look like and design some logos with the hashtag lifestyle incorporated into her magazines logo.

The majority of these designs were created in Canva an online designing website.  My supervisor wanted me to use Canva in order to learn a new program and so she could also edit the designs when she had to for example add a picture to a design template or edit a quote.

Week 5

I am currently still working on designs that hopefully will be used for my supervisors magazine TBHTHOTo Be Honest Tho that is lunching in September.  I have to create a sort of collage style design that will be used for her feature boxes Shop, Instagram, and Feature.  She gave me a couple of example websites she loves for inspiration, you can check them out on week 4 posts.  So far am still creating some designs that will have an impact for her site.

These are just a few of many  images am using for inspiration however I have to use items like shoes, cat eye sunglasses , phones and other things that fit each feature box.


She also had me do some other work for her Hashtag Lifestyle website by  designing a Favicon, a favicon is like a small logo that appears in the right side of the address bar for example like the logo you would see in wikipedia or googles page.  I also created a mockup of the top front page of Hashtag Lifestyle in order to see what the front page would look like with a different picture, color and arrangement.

Week 4

For this week my supervisor instructed me to create some designs for the feature boxes on her magazines website .  She wants these designs to pop just like these other websites she provided for me as inspirations.


I also made a couple of mockups for her that she intends to use for a client presentation Bently Heritage a distillery company.

These mockups were simple all I needed to do was download free Iphone and Facebook mockups from the web and edit them by displaying photos she wanted as well as some text.




Week 3

So unfortunately this wasn’t such a great week for me at the office.  My task was to find photos for slides that she was going to present to one of her new clients Bently Heritage a distillery company.  She did provide me with what she wanted and other details but I think I overthought it and didn’t clearly deliver my assignment.  I did get some other work done for her that day but it was mostly finding pictures that identified with the client and what she could offer the client.  She wasn’t upset and told me not to worry about it since I was just learning to adapt myself to the companies approach on assignments like these.  I will surely do better if another assignment like this comes up and will be better prepared to tackle the situation.

I am currently working on quote designs that she will use for her companies Instagram page.

Week 2

So far everything has ran smooth, am learning a lot from social media marketing and have learned to used a Canva, an online free designing website where anyone can design about anything like Instagram post, flyers, logos etc.  My supervisor encouraged me to use Canva that way we could both view and edit the designs together. She is really nice as well and explains each of the tasks with detail making sure I understand everything.


Week 1

I was a bit nervous about the first day of work but everything went well and I met my supervisor who was really nice.  We immediately started discussing about what her company did as well as what I needed to get done for the week.  I work in the projective space area which is an open inviting space and is where most of the work I do for my supervisor gets done.

For that week my task was to create various types of icons, and company logos that would be used for her companies Instagram page.  She chose one logo and a couple of icons that she wanted to use for her highlight stories  on Instagram.  Creating the icons and logos was fun and easy since I had to create simple yet eye catching images although everything I created had to be related to her companies website for example I had to use the same color palette, design style and fonts. I only meet with her once a week at the office and work remotely afterwards.