Personal Work

Reverse Flash Photoshop

I essentially photoshopped my friend Luis as the Reverse Flash One of my first solo projects on Photoshop that I made a while back so decided too post it 🙂


Figure Drawing

COMD 1233 Semester Projects

Project 1 Self-portrait

Done with Willow Chalk!

Project 2 Surrealistic figures drawing

Surrealistic Drawing With Figures done in Pencil

Typographic Design

COMD 1257 Semester Projects

Project 1 Book of All Assignments

Project 2 Booklet

Graphic Design Principles 2

COMD 1200 Semester Projects

Coursework Digital Media Foundations

Disussion Board | May 10, 2021

Please place on your own ePortfolio a response to the Saucony mother’s Day commercial answering the following questions:

What to you think of the sounds of children in this one compared to the French Supermarket Ad?

-The sounds of the children in this one compared to the French Supermarket Ad differ greatly. In this video the children you hear are quiet and not screaming like maniacs. In the French Supermarket Ad the whole ad is literally baby’s screaming which make no sense for a supermarket ad.

What is different about the video in this ad from a typical ad and why do you think this was done?

-A typical ad fully advertises and show’s people face usually and it show’s everything that mothers do. It focuses on peoples feet because the ad is about sneakers. The ad basically say’s I got you back Mom’s buy my company’s sneakers.

Do you think the commercial is effective–why or why not?

-In my opinion it was extremly affective in getting the point across for the ad.

Coursework Digital Media Foundations

Design Research Paper Stanley Kubrick

Coursework Type & Media

Expressive Texture’s Type and Media Mathew Lozada


Coursework Graphic Design Principles 1

My 3 favorite Project’s from COMD 1100

Project 1

For my first project, it was a figure-ground reversal project. I choose this project in my list because it was honestly the first time I have ever painted and a fun experience. Although it was messy I learned a lot about the fundamentals of painting plus from the teacher showing us how to paint. Overall it was an exciting project and a great start to the semester. She made us start with thumbnails and move straight to using paint and then moving to a 9×12 size paper. Moving forward for my final design I can say I did it decently neatly etc. Overall the main idea I learned from this project is Figure-Ground-Reversal. Figure–ground reversal may be used as an intentional visual design technique in which an existing image’s foreground and background colors are purposely swapped to create new images.

Project 6

Overall by far Project, 6 Repeat Pattern Poem was my favorite project to do because of the freedom to do the work digitally. I am not much of a drawer so once I heard we had the opportunity to digitize our work I said hell yes! Working with illustrator is honestly so much fun! So let me explain the main goal of this project was to create a repeat pattern inspired by a poem of our choosing. It consisted of three parts; the unit form design, repeat pattern design, lastly the repeat pattern design with colors with a pallet of warm and cool colors. Overall this was by far the least stressful project for me and I enjoyed working on it digitally. I feel like my design came out clean and very minimalistic which is the style I would like to keep doing.

Project 5

Now lastly project 5 was a pretty cool project to do. We had to do a portrait study in Warm & Cool Color. I’ve never done a portrait study before and although it was very difficult for me to be creative and artistic I honestly had fun doing the project its not much work but It was fun learning about it and painting the shapes that I used for the project.

Coursework Digital Media Foundations

Same place Same object Different Time

I find this compelling because you see the way the lighting change’s throughout both images. You see how the light from my room during the night brightens it. Overall it’s cool seeing the way lighting changes during different times of the day.