Advance Career Writing

Letter Template – Document #1

This document is a simple template for Old Navy VP, so they can start working on the content instead of worrying on the format. This assignment was a start of seeing how to format different types of letter.

Tiger Oil Company Memo -Document #2

This document is to rewrite a memo in which we had to address the problem of slippage in Tiger Oil Company. This was an assignment in which I became familiar with how to write an authority letter without being explicit.

Informative Message -Document #3

This document is a draft of how to respond to a complaint of a client. The informative letter was tough for me to distinguish from the others. The format was different but, I eventually realized the language and way to address the problem.

Negative Letter -Document #4

This document was to address a negative message to an employee in the company. To me this assignment was hard because I didn’t know how to give excuses to a negative response. But after a revision I pulled through.

Persuasive Message -Document #5

This document was to persuade a business in my field to accept interns from City Tech. This was also a difficult task because not only do you want to use the right language but also sound persuasive enough to convince to employer.

Short Report -Document #6

This document was a short report on a scenario to an incoming City Tech student in my major. We had to use good design and strategy on how to write this document. I learned here that short reports are meant to be attractive for a reader in City Tech to pick up and read.

Student Choice -Document #7

This document really shows my major in City Tech which is Graphic Design. Here I redesigned a company “InformationWeek” with a new logo, letterhead, envelope, and business card. This was a students choice assignment so was something i really enjoyed.

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