Project #2

Magazine Title Here

Introduce the subject of your magazine, and summarize the content you will cover in order to explain your reasoning for the thumbnail sketches you present below. [NOTE: you can also include your Mind Map under this section to explain your arrival at this subject]


In this section of your Project #2 ePortfolio page, write 1 paragraph pointing out how/where an inspirational magazine of your choice specifically influenced your magazine design. Use this magazine as your mentor: study it, understand its logic, get into the mind of its designer. Be sure to name the original designer and include 2-3 pictures of the inspirational magazine below this paragraph. Here is where I’d talk about how Bartosz KwiecieƄ‘s work influenced my magazine.

In this section, detail how you arrived at the end results that you will display below. Consider talking about any of these points: 1) challenges you faced when designing for facing pages, 2) process of picking a typographical  (3 fonts) and color scheme (3 colors) to reflect your subject, 3) your favorite part of designing the magazine, 4) how your original plan and thumbnails compare to your final magazine outcome?