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Value Range Research

  Low Key this picture gives me feeling of sadness because I focus more on black background that cover the half of dog face

High Key  allowed us to  focus on color pencils  rather than background behind the color pencil . It give me feeling that  I want to color something.

Aural Topographies

DSC01731¬† ¬†This project many people use there own name to draw the map. I when i first start to draw this map I had no idea how to represent myself using this map. I got a idea that I should draw some map key to show what I like to do things are having fun , traveling different cities and outdoors.For outdoor I used mountain as a key for having fun I use sport stadium lastly I used city sign to represent different cities that visited. I don’t know how other might think of my map. I think I express well enough to show who I’m in this map.

Assignment #2

DSC01728This assignment I had to draw a line and goes with my music   I use rock and roll instrumental. My line were rough ,pointy and dark color .Rock and roll is my one of my favorite music. It gives me energy when I listen to it. My lines represent loudness of rock and roll dark lines is roughness of rock and roll. We can use different music and depend on what type of music you listen to different type of line will be create.

assingnment #1

I chose the window in my room and I see my neighbor’s house. I focus on top roof of my neighbor’s house.I can see different kinds trees and chimneys.The roof hold different shape and lines and shapes are rectangles ,squares,cubes,and many other shape.It depend on how you look at the neighbor’s roof.